3 Tricks To Hide Carpet Stains Until The Experts Arrive

It may happen that you are enjoying your evening with a glass of red wine. But suddenly the glass slips from your hand and the wine spills up on your carpet. You don’t even know how you can remove this train from your carpet. So you have decided that you will call a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet. But carpet cleaners will take time to reach your home. So till then what you can do to hide stains from your carpet either your guest will not like it.

Now the question arises until the experts arrive how are you going to hide carpet stains. So in this article, we will discuss some methods which will help you to hide carpet stains until the expert carpet cleaners services in Werribee arrive.

Expert Carpet Cleaners
Expert Carpet Cleaners

3 Methods To Hide Carpet Stains Until The Expert Carpet Cleaners Arrive

  1. Warm Soapy Solution: To hide carpet stains you can use a warm soapy solution. A warm soaping solution can help you to treat dark patches of your carpet. During this method, you need to be very aware of the amount of water you are using. Excessive use of water can harm your carpet pad. So do make sure that you are using only the amount of water used to wet a cloth. Then after applying the Sophie solution you need to blot the stain. Do remember you should never rub your carpet either. This method is not so effective but still, it will help you to hide carpet stains until the professionals arrive.
  1. Vinegar And Baking Powder Solution: Now the other solution to high carpet stains we have is Vinegar and baking powder solution. Yes you heard it right vinegar and baking powder both are available in our home. And we use it daily but they can also help us to hide Carpet Stains. All you need to do is to mix vinegar and baking powder with water and spray it all over the affected area of your carpet do leave it for some moment after that clean it with a clean soft cloth or for better results you can place the cloth and run an iron on top of it which will break the stains and it will transfer all the stains upon the cloth.
  1. Cover Up: Stains can be very tough to deal with and you don’t have any idea how you can clean them, so, no worries you can just cover them up to hide carpet stains. Covering the stains, you can move your furniture a little bit when professionals arrive at your home just put your furniture back in its place. Till then it will help you to hide carpet stains. But think that you have stains in the middle of your carpet so in that case you can place a rug on the affected area to hide carpet stains.


These are some of the methods by which you can do Carpet Cleaning for a certain period of time. But do not forget to call the expert carpet cleaners to do a permanent solution of the stains or deep cleaning.

How carpet cleaning can help with dust mites?

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic insect-like creatures that generally feed upon the dead skin of humans and pets. They are in huge numbers and multiply in a blink of an eye. You cannot see them with the naked eye as they are the tiniest bugs of the spider family. They survive in almost all types of temperatures but especially humid environments suit them the best. Carpets become like a feast table for them where you have the maximum foot traffic. These dust mites become the carriers of various airborne diseases. They trigger allergic reactions and lead to respiratory and skin disorders in the residents and visitors too

Signs of having dust mites around you:

Dust mites are microorganisms that can not be identified easily with naked eyes so you cannot kill them by spraying at any particular area. They have to be removed with a professional procedure that is steam cleaning. How do you get to know that you have dust mites in your home? If any of your family members are allergic to pollen, dust particles, and animal dander, then these dust mites will worsen the situation. They trigger the allergens to the air, leading to diseases like asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Controlling the dust mites:

  • Use some denaturing products and powders to break the protein content in dust mites and make them inactive or almost dead
  • Try vacuuming and dusting once or twice a week to keep your carpet and surroundings clean
  • Buy chemicals like acaricides to kill or remove dust mites
  • Use a vacuum with HEPA filter which is known for trapping the dust particles and allergens inside by avoiding leakage. Avoid bagless models as they are not worth it for this cause
  • Do the dusting in one discretion only or else you would end up releasing the same dust particles back to their original place
  • Spread desiccants like borax, calcium chloride, and silica gel wherever you see the effect of dust mites to reduce the humidity

Carpet cleaning plays a vital role in dust-mite removal:

Fibres are the most attractive place for dust mites to hide and reside. Capet becomes the ideal place to multiply for them. We have pollen, animal danders, dirt, dust particles, and whatnot on the carpet. Dry vacuuming and home remedies can provide good carpet cleaning results, but does not give the desired results. For effective cleaning and eradication of these dust mites, you need to get the carpets cleaned with high-temperature steam.

Hot steam easily penetrates the fibres and starts killing dust mites effectively. You get a clean and lush carpet after the carpet is steam cleaned. But the most important step that comes after that is the rapid drying procedure. If the carpet remains moist, the result could be more dangerous. You may get some more uninvited guests at home like viruses, moulds, and microbes along with dust mites. The damp environment invites more invaders like dust mites. So do the process with all the information and precautions or else call professionals for this job.

Professionals Carpet Cleaning

Keep dust mites at bay with professionals carpet cleaning:

Steam cleaning of carpet is the most trusted and result oriented method of getting rid of all microscopic organisms like moulds, microbes, viruses, and dust mites. But when this process is executed by professionals as they have all the required tools and technology to give you the desired results. Carpet cleaning is important but only when you get your carpets cleaned and sterilized by professionals. They come to your place and provide you with the best services in the minimum expected time period.

So if you have dust mites at your homes or offices, try these methods but if the problems persist, then hire Carpet Cleaning Werribee professionals will be your best bet!