How Can You Extend The Life of Your Carpets?

Many people use carpets for their flooring to add a pleasant look to their home decoration. As carpets are a costly investment it is important to take care of these carpets to use them for a long period. This article explains to you the steps to follow to extend the life of your carpets. 

Tips to follow to extend the life of your carpets

  • Vacuum Carpets at regular intervals

The first thing you should do to extend the life of your carpets is vacuuming regularly. Regular vacuuming helps in avoiding dust buildup in carpets. So, it is recommended to vacuum your carpets at regular intervals. Vacuuming your carpets 3 or 4 times a week helps to increase the life of your carpets. 

  • Use floor mats and rugs

Using a mat at the house entrance is a brilliant idea to reduce the amount of dust on carpets. Placing a mat at the entrance of the house allows people to wipe their shoes on mats which automatically reduces the dirt. Using a rug over your carpet in a high traffic area will help to reduce the wear and tear of carpets. 

  • Treat the stains immediately

Neglecting the stains on carpets will cost you a bomb in the future. So, for a good carpet cleaning it is better to clean stains immediately when they occur. It will be easy to remove these stains when they are fresh, if it gets dried then it becomes stubborn and it will become difficult to remove stains. Treating stains immediately will help you to maintain your carpets for a long time. 

  • Rearrange furniture at regular Intervals

If you have furniture placed on a carpeted area make sure that you are moving your furniture at regular intervals. Moving furniture will help to change the foot traffic which helps to increase the life of your carpets. 

  • Don’t use shoes inside the house

Using the shoes inside the house is one of the main reasons for carpets to get dirty. A major portion of dirt that is found in your carpets is because of shoes. So, it is recommended not to use shoes inside the house to increase the life of the carpet.

  • Use stain protector

When you have carpet flooring in your house using a stain protector like Scotchgard will protect your carpets from dirt and stains. So, it is always suggested to apply a stain protector to expand your carpet life. 

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